Why I joined and said YES to Success University

Why I joined and said YES to Success University

My name is Thomas Haldorsen and I’m 20 years old man from Norway. I live in a small community of only 20 000 and I was in work earning money at the local supermarket for my future education entering university next year.
But then one month ago I was in a car crash were I got injured pretty bad. My left shoulder had been dislocated and literally ripped off its hedges in the crash. Shortly after I went true surgery and my shoulder was stabilized and located into place. But now after getting strict orders from my doctor to take it easy and rest, off course this is making it impossible for me to work. So I decided to take that lost effort and focus that on something else. My answer was Success University.

I started reading about internet marketing shortly after my accident and found out what a wonderful and fantastic opportunity this was, so I was hooked. I began by reading a couple of e-books about affiliate programs and how the system works, and I got excited. I knew this was something that could change my whole life, so I did extensive research and implemented the methods I had learned.
Then only a few days ago I got a newsletter from the creator of one of the e-books I had read. Some of may know his name, The Rich Jerk. I had used the tips and tricks this guy wrote about and I knew they worked and he was for real about making money. So I joined his team, and now I’m in good company confident that I will make my financial dream come true.

In the newsletter he talked about a new type of affiliate program which blow him and me away. This is Success University, but what is it?
Success University is a company with simple goals, giving away free information about internet network marketing and at the same time make you money with its awesome compensation plan. And the way you make money is by recruiting other people to join the program earning you commission. It maybe sound to good to be true but it works and you learn a whole lot about marketing even if you’re a normal person like my or the head of a million dollar company. That’s the beauty of it, you don’t need a lot of knowledge of marketing, and you learn it from the experts and then doing it yourself making it happen.

Many have heard of pyramid schemes and how they scam people to invest money and then afterward the heads of run off with your money. But even though Success University use a pyramid model for its business, doesn’t make it a scam. The big difference is that you don’t invest a large sum into the company and use that, nor do you get “credit” which you have to take out, in order to get you money.
The only thing you pay for is a monthly fee and if you choose to a one time upgrading fee which is more profitable. And the way you get money is by getting checks in you mail on a frequent basis. Money up front the way I like it myself. In addition this program is supported by some of the biggest players in internet marketing, and ranked nr. 1 on the net.

So now you know why my reason for joining Success University and I recommend everyone to check this out and participate in this program. If you would like to learn more please check out this website bellow and read for yourself, I’m certainly glad I didn’t miss out on this chance to make my dreams come true

Best wishes, for the future,

Thomas Haldorsen