The Truth About 529 College Savings Plans

The Truth About 529 College Savings Plans

Its time to start saving money for College. Though you may not realize it, this needs to be done and thought out. There are a variety of ways to begin saving and there are some great options available. One plan worth investigating is the 529 College Saving Plan. The 529 College Savings Plan is designed with all the information you need to make a real difference in your college savings endeavors.

There are real examples to help you choose the right path and not be taken for granted brokers just looking to pad their commissions. You will find out about Federal and State Taxes and their advantages and disadvantages. Many brokers may not know about all college plans and you should have as much information at your disposal as possible. It is easy to read and easier to understand, you will find it laid out in an easy to use format. You will find answers to many questions such as, if you move does your state college fun go with you? Or what happens when the child doesn’t want to go to college anymore? These two Questions are asked by many a parent and knowing the answer can help.

No matter if your child is in Pre-K or High school knowing the facts and saving makes a difference. You can look into Savings Plans, which can be started by the Parents but also the students, family and even friends. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts offer a tax-free Savings plan and can have 00 a month set aside each year until the student reaches 18. The 529 College Savings Plan can be used no matter the age.

Next is the Education Bond Program, this program uses Federal Tax income. This plan has a strict rule that the Bond Owner must pay tuition and fees in the same year that the Bonds are redeemed. They can be transferred to other needs as well, while the 529 College Savings Plan can be used as needed.

Next is the Prepaid Tuition Plan, using the 529 College Savings Plan you can manipulate these into different states and for Semesters or Quarters. You can also go with Scholarships, Grants, Loans, and Other Financial Aid Options; these are determined by your family status and your child’s grades. There is also the FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is provided by the U.S. Government.

You and your family will not know if you are approved until you try, so even if you do not think your Child be accepted, apply anyway. The 529 College Savings Plan breaks this down for you and helps to explain the reasons behind it.

The 529 College Savings Plan helps you understand your rights and also how to utilize what is available to your advantage.

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