Rotman Business School

Rotman Business School

Located in the third biggest financial center in North America, the University of Toronto is well known across the globe as the most excellent research university in Canada. The university was founded in 1827 and now serves a total of 67,000 students and 11,000 faculty and staff employees. The university houses one of the top four research libraries in North America. This facility allows students to have a ready source of reference needed for schoolwork and further readings.

The University of Toronto offers a variety of programs, which consists of 31 divisions on its three campuses. A wide range of opportunities opens the gate for world-class career takers. Top of the line facilities creates a suitable environment that supports the needs of every student in the campus. It gained a total of eight Nobel prizes; this achievement speaks of the quality and the competitiveness of education of the school. More research grants have been awarded to this university as compared to any other Canadian University. Being so, it has the highest number of scholars all over Canada for the past 30 years.

University of Toronto also offers MBA programs for Canadians and non-Canadians alike. The Rotman’s Business school primary objective is to modernize business education by focusing on integrative thinking. It emphasizes the power of decision making as essential skill in every business dealings. Such values are will prove useful to every student in preparing themselves survive the competitive scenes of the corporate world. It introduces new courses and special approach in developing an innovative way of critical thinking. With this approach, the course of success is most likely to increase and diminished the imperfection of modern economy.

The Rotman’s MBA introduces all the essentials of management. It covers the basics of marketing strategy to the more complicated arena of organizational behavior. The curriculum has been revised to introduce five new courses and a quarterly system to make the program innovative to develop a different view in management. Admissions are established based on intellectual ability, professional achievements, academic background and extra-curricular experience.

It offers full time and part time schedule for MBA students. Part time student must have 6.8% average year of work experience and does not necessarily have an undergraduate business degree. Schedules for part time students are designed to advance their strategic skills and at the same time to be able to accommodate their regular work with competence. Classes will be held twice a week in the evening for a program of three years. Full time students on the other hand may finish the course for only 20 months, which consist of 60-credit programs. Since more than 40% of full time students usually came from other country, they are considered among the top rank individual that possess the intellectual ability to meet the end of success. One year MBA program is also offered for would-be executives with a minimum requirement of an 8-year work experience comprising of 3 years managerial experience. Classes are held twice every other week, which includes 4 one-week residential modules.